Satotukku Knows Its Contract Farmers

Satotukku works in close cooperation with its contract farmers. All of Satotukku's farmers hold a GLOPALGAP certificate, proving the use of good agricultural practices.

For consumers and retailers the GLOPALGAP certificate is a guarantee that the food meets the approved safety and quality levels, and that it has been produced in an eco-friendly manner and by respecting not only the environment but also the safety, health and wellbeing of the workers.

Close Connections with the Farmers

Satotukku has always worked in close contact with its farmers. We know where our fruit and vegetables come from and how they have been grown. With the help of our farmers we have also developed and introduced many new products to the market, often according to the wishes of our customers. Good relationships with our farmers ensure quality products, quick and excellent logistics, as well as flexibility.

Agricola Soler e hijos in Spain

Soler Adesur, a farm cultivated by the Soler family in Spain, grows iceberg lettuce as their main crop.
Read on and learn more.

Agricola Soler in Spain

Agricola Soler is a farm founded back in 1978 that honours traditions while using modern technology to grow its crops. 

Agricola Soler began by growing tomatoes. The farm has been growing iceberg lettuce for about 20 years, and today that is their main crop. Their region is the best in Spain for growing iceberg lettuce, because their fields are located close to the sea in Murcia. There the temperatures are always two to three degrees warmer than in the rest of Spain.

The Power of Teamwork

Agricola Soler is farmed by Bartolome Soler and his four brothers. The founder of the farm, their father Juan Soler – who is now retired – works in the fields observing them daily. The cooperation between Greenfood's purchasing company Greenfood Iberica and Agricola Soler began eight years ago, and the farm is one of their most important partners. 15–20 truckloads of lettuce leave the farm every week to be enjoyed by Satotukku's customers, as well.

The Ahlbergs’ Estate – Local Organic Produce

The Ahlbergs grow delicious salad leaves, herbs, edible flowers and many other wonderful vegetables in southern Sipoo, Finland. Naturally, everything is organic. Read on.

The Ahlbergs’ Produce Has That Right Taste!

The Ahlbergs’ roots reach all the way to the fields of 1920s Viikki, now part of Helsinki. Nowadays though, third generation farmer Kaijus Ahlberg continues to farm the estate with his wife Minna in southern Sipoo's Immerby.


In their garden, the Ahlbergs grow delicious salads leaves, herbs, edible flowers and many other wonderful vegetables and specialty crops, such as wheatgrass. The Ahlbergs’ products have always been sought-after in Helsinki's markets and its best restaurants. These days, their products are also sold by many food retailers.


In Rich Soil

The Ahlbergs focus on quality and pay attention to the environment in everything: the salad leaves and herbs grow in rich soil, the greenhouses are heated with wood chip and the electricity comes from wind turbines. Only the cut plants are taken to the shops, while the soil is recycled for new plantings. The growing season at the Ahlbergs’ farm lasts from April to early October. Thus, the Ahlbergs offer the best possible local, organic food! All of their products are available at Satotukku!

The Buyer knows the Farmer

The chain starts at the farmer's field and always ends in the consumer's shopping bag. Planning and thinking ahead is extremely important, especially when buying from abroad. Quality and taste are the most important criteria, but the price also affects the buying decision.

However, a good relationship with the suppliers and clear seasons for different products make purchase planning easier, as these can be used to predict consumer behaviour. Cooperation between purchase and sales is important, the sales team must have access to direct, real time information on prices and seasons, and the buyer is their vital information channel. These days, the buyers no longer simply place orders. Instead, the routines of a good buyer have become much more versatile.

Kaisa Malmberg, Buyer, Satotukku

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