Fresh Produce Expert

Satotukku knows how their fruit and vegetables travel from farmers to the retailers. We are devoted to delivering fresh and crisp produce.

Over 50 Years of Fresh Produce

Satotukku aims to offer its customers the widest range of quality fresh fruit and vegetables in the country. This is what we have been doing for over 50 years, and today it is a 24/7 operation. The best contract farmers, high quality produce, an unbroken cold chain, expert purchasing and customer service are the cornerstones of our business.








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Food with Love

Satotukku's mission has been to expand Finnish consumers' knowledge about fruit and vegetables and to help them discover a wider variety of products. We have succeeded in this, and our work continues. Our aim is to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices.

As the biggest independent fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Finland, Satotukku has always been one of the most respected trendsetters. In addition to the basic products, Satotukku is also experienced in providing organic produce and specialty fruits. A good, quality product comes from Satotukku's professional contract farmers in Finland and abroad. An important link to our farmers abroad is Greenfood's own purchasing company Greenfood Iberica.

Satotukku Knows the Latest Products and Trends

Satotukku has decades of experience in fruit and vegetables, including new products and trends. Satotukku has introduced a number of new products to the market, including many exotic fruits. Our passion for food is also evident in our Eden brand, which offers consumers savoury salads, fruit salads and juices, all made from the best ingredients and packed in handy ready-to-eat packages. Satotukku also has a wide range of Eden fruits and vegetables. These high quality Eden products are only available through Satotukku.

It all Began with Gherkins and Fruit

Satotukku is a wholesaler founded by Antero Lumivirta in 1967.
Read more about our history covering nearly 50 years.

Season of Growth

Satotukku is a wholesaler founded by Antero Lumivirta in 1967, that started out as a small ‘man and a van’ business. Its first products were gherkins and fruit. 

Quickly, Satotukku expanded its business into importing, enabling it to supply wholesalers with growing amounts of produce. Building our own banana ripening rooms in the 1970s helped to diversify our range of products and strengthen our market position. In the 1980s, the company focused on import and on domestically grown vegetables.

Business Becomes Stronger

In 1994, Satotukku moved from Helsinki to Vantaa. Joining the EU meant free trade into Finland, harder competition, and so additional boost for business was sought in retail. In 1995, Satotukku resumed sales to food retailers after several decades. In just a short period of time, this proved to be a good plan, and this work continues to grow today.

At the beginning of 2002, the STC group bought Satotukku, which subsequently became part of the Swedish STC GreenFood group. In summer 2015, Fidelio Capital bought the group, which is now called Greenfood and is one of the biggest independent fruit and vegetable businesses in the Nordic region. In December Greenfood got new main owner Nordic Capital.

Greenfood – Strong Business

Satotukku is part of the Greenfood group, which is the biggest independent fruit and vegetable business within the Nordic countries. The group's main business areas are wholesale, fresh cut products and salad bars. Finland and Sweden are Greenfood's main market areas.

Greenfood's strengths include close cooperation and purchasing, as well as being local and innovative. We are familiar with the latest trends and the needs of our customers. And naturally this is all based on our love for food, particularly fruit and vegetables.  

Everything Under the Same Roof

Greenfood's aim is to continue to be the leader in fruit and vegetables in the future. GreenFood continues to follow the megatrends, investing in the planning of healthy, ready to eat fruit and vegetable products, since they will be in ever growing demand. You can get everything from Greenfood: fruit and vegetables, fresh cut products, as well as our popular salad bar concept.

In total, Greenfood has around 600 employees, 200 of whom work in Finland. Satotukku gives employment to 80 people, the Fresh Cut product specialist Salico in Juva to 99 people, and Picadeli salad bar in Vantaa to 12 people.

Greenfood Iberica in Spain

Greenfood's own purchasing company Greenfood Iberica makes sure that we also receive
fresh, high-quality products from Spain. Read on!

Under the southern sun

Greenfood Iberica is Greenfood's own procurement company in Spain. Greenfood Iberica is looking for the best farmers of our products and monitors the quality of products on the spot.

We get for example iceberg lettuce, sweet peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers from Spain in the winter time. In the summer we get all the lovely fruit from watermelon to peaches. In autumn begins spanish citrus season. Greenfood Iberica has a strong knowledge of the Spanish market and the strong ties to local farmers, an attractive product range and efficient logistics. Greenfood Iberica main growing partners are located in Murcia and Almeria. There the warm sun shines all year round and the plantations provide an abundant harvest.

Logistical excellence

Fresh fruits and vegetables are living products and life continues after harvest. Fresh keeping and transport of products are two important things in which Greenfood Iberica is amongst the best. Product freshness and the quality are never compromised. Excellent logistics allows Greenfood Iberica transportation to Satotukku on a daily basis.